Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Beginning

This will be a brief entry because it is already time for me to get back to work. I took a little break as I have been thinking about returning to this blog. The thing about writing is if you only think about it you never get it done!

So I begin trusting that there are some of you out there who will visit with me and explore with me.

It might seem that the world is in chaos but I do believe there are signs of hope and many people seeking a positive path. In much that I hear and read there seems to be an awareness of a need for change in our thinking. The people of whom I speak are not upholding the negative conservative aggressive thinking that fills the media, but a groundswell of people who are taking a serious a look at matters such as the new cosmology, evolutionary spirituality, and sustainability.

I am also exploring in my own life  Ecospirituality, Spiritual Landscape, and Legacy. There has been a lot of change and growth in myself, society and religion in my lifetime and some of it I have made sense of, much of it remains mystery (it probably always will). In these blogs I invite you to join me on this unfolding journey

Today's Thought: "All living beings are, so to speak, sparks from the radiation of God's  (the Creator's) brilliance. These sparks emerge from God (the Creator) like rays of the sun."
                                                                                                    Hildegard of Bingen (Scivias)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Gift of Time

In a couple of weeks I will be leading a retreat at Pilgrim Heights, in Mountour, IA. It is a peaceful spot in which to give yourself the gift of time. Beautiful grounds with a variety of nature  trails, a lake, and a quiet energy that never fails to renew those who visit.  It carries the spirit of all those who have  gathered over the years for camp, family reunions, weddings and time alone to refresh their bodies and souls.

In our time together I hope to help each participant set aside for the moment the stress that often accompanies us through the day. To explore and awaken  in them the rich resources that can reset their compass for richer days ahead.

In my own life I find it so easy to get caught up in whatever difficulties and drama surround me each day that frequently I lose sense of who I am, and what am able to do and be.

We will guided in this time together with sources provided by two creative works by Sue Monk Kidd. We will watch the movie "Secret Life of Bees" in which fictitious characters reveal in their relationships the struggles of growing as human beings and developing friendships which gives them the capacity to offer sanctuary and time to heal. For reflection and discussion we will read "Firstlight" the author's own journey from work as a compassionate and caring nurse to writer.

Her insights and questions will I hope provoke in us the courage to confront some of the bold and ordinary questions we face daily.

For your reflection today I invite you to spend a few moments with this quote from "Firstlight".

"There are so many wonderful gifts I can give those I love, but the one that lingers when all others are gone, the one that knits  the brightest threads into life is the gift of time - the gift of one's self."

How might our lives be different if we allowed this concept to guide our life today. If you are reading this Blog I invite you to share your thoughts with us.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I was really amazed when I realized how long it had been since I lasted posted on my Blog. How could so much time possibly have passed without my noticing. During that time I certainly said to myself "today I should blog!" How easy is for "life" to take over and allow us to pass up what is important personally in order to carry out the daily routine.

Obviously when I last wrote in my blog I was at a busy frustrating place in my life - although I not aware of it! It was only when I returned to the page and read it that I realized, and wondered frankly "who is this person?"

I was jumpstarted into returning to this spot when a friend called and asked if it was OK to list my blog in a flier for an upcoming retreat that I am leading. I said yes and noted that it had been dormant for a while - I didn't realize how dormant until I came to my page and saw the date of the last post with shock,

So I caution my readers (and I hope I will have some) to give time everyday to things you love. Value the time you have each day and those things that nourish your soul and keep you connected. 

The retreat I am leading is based on writings by Sue Monk Kidd from her book "Firstlight" it includes some of her early writings, which explore her journey as writer and spiritual seeker.  We will also watch the movie "Secret Life of Bees" adapted from her first novel, and spend time together telling our own stories and enjoying some personal time  at our Sacred Space in Montour, IA.

Taking time for ourselves is of utmost importance, it reaffirms our value, restores our souls and helps us refocus. I hope you will visit me in the coming days and share your journey with me.

Weston Priory, VT  is a place in which I have taken time to restore my soul periodically since 1969. It is also a place in my mind to which I can return

 at any moment and find peace. I encourage each of you to cultivate such places in your life so that in your moments of stress you can breathe, close your eyes and transport yourself to that place in which your soul is restored.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have been away from this Blog for awhile and I know before leaving I updated the new system. On my return I find the new system to be confusing. he tool bar doesn't give me all my options and I have to guess about some simple choices - where to choose font, color, size etc. I find no place that allows "insert" for a picture. Bloggers out there can you help me with this - the Blogspot help page was less than useful? I came here really wanting to get back in the groove, but at this point I think I might just close the Blog and move to another Blogging format with another provider. My time is valuable and I don't want to have reivent the wheel or be re-educated every time I return to post! Sorry if I sdound crabby I'm not just frustrated. I am going to post and see what happens. Have a great day friends and I will continue to look for a solution.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Change is all around us and for the most part I think it is good. Some days change frustrates me, and yesterday was such a day. I had a few spare minutes and thought I would come and blog, I am trying to be more consistent. When I came to my page I was informed that I need to choose Goggle Chrome as my web browser, very annoying. It took time for it to load, and I had others things to do and never did get to post. 

I don't object to change when it really improve things, and maybe this will I haven't had time to check it out yet. I find, however too often these days, the reason for change is simply to change. To keep people checking for something new, or to force people to use programs, and items they wouldn't otherwise use. So when I have time I look forward to discovering how the "new look" improves and aids me in my blogging.

I have been trying without success, to be more consistent in my blogging. I have a lot of ideas I would like to share with my readers, and I would like to expand my readers so that I can have some interaction with them on some of my reflections. It seems as if the "reason for change" might be one of them.

I work every day with the elderly and their families and I realize the many questions and decisions that need to be made by all of us as we progress toward that stage of life. From the best way to invest money for retirement, choose a retirement community, and how to accept the decisions our elderly parents make for their life, health and death issues. Then there is the matter of downsizing, reducing clutter, and living simply that others might simply live.

I have my own issues as I move into the "wise woman" category. What does it mean to embrace this new stage in life, what emphasis do I place on the outer and the inner manifestations of this stage?

If that is not sufficient, I continue my research and am trying to gather into a whole my work on people, communities and institutions that reinvent themselves. As you can tell my mind doesn't slow down much, and add to that my work and family time and like everyone else on this planet twenty four hours whirls by! 

I didn't mean to gripe in this blog but I seems to have done so, and so I apologize, but my mind is a little clearer now that it is out there. Amazing how a simple change can send a person into orbit. So much for my daily "mindfulness" approach to life - peace of mind, and living in the moment are hard to maintain. Shalom friends, thanks for listening.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I sit in the morning light sipping coffee and wondering what the day will bring. I am not by nature a morning person but entering the world before dawn is gift. When I wake up early and settle myself in my chair, or step out on the balcony for a fresh breath of morning air I feel alive. I experience the bliss of solitude. The day will begin all too quickly and the opportunity to feel my oneness with the universe will be lost in the requests of the many.

I treasure time for reflection, but it is rarely available. I realize however much I may claim otherwise, it is mainly because I don't guard the opportunities offered me.  I have tried to understand why this is. The pull of the world around always seems to attract my attention even though I claim a desire for solitude. Why is that I choose the marketplace over the desert?

It is no doubt my ego that thrust me into the swirl and tumble of daily activity. A sense of self importance that believes I need to be talking, acting, doing for the good of humanity. Surely my contribution to society will make the world a better place? It just might be that my withdrawal might contribute something of more value. If I took the time to quiet my spirit I might be better able to listen and intuit the true needs of those around me.

For years I have pursued the theme of the "empty bowl" after hearing the Zen "Overflowing Tea" story. I resemble the university professor who came to the Master Nan-in seeking wisdom, but was too full of himself to receive anything from the great Master. I have reflected on the willingness of  the monk to live each day  on whatever others might place into the begging bowl  and accept that what is received is enough.

Everyday my bowl is filled to overflowing with the blessings that are poured into my life of word and action. I have an abundance of truth and wisdom and life's teaching laid at my feet everyday and still I am not satisfied, I continue to look for more. My cup is overflowing and I have not yet learned to empty myself so that I can be filled.

When I rise early in the morning I know what it is to welcome the world as an "empty bowl" but in just a few seconds I filled it to overflowing. Maybe today I will leave space for the gifts of others.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I started out really well when I came back to blogging but life has again taken over. Today was much busier than I had planned. I was finishing a power point project for tomorrow and thought I would have time over. I had an unexpected visitor, one I was very glad to see, but that changed the  rhythm of my day. I have trouble adjusting to interruptions, even pleasant ones, and wonder how I ever brought up a family and worked full time as a pastor.

The problem with interruptions is the reason I find it difficult to write or even find time for blogging, because I want to make sure I have a block of time in which I am not disturbed. At present I am sitting in my husband's music office, no one knows I am here and he won't return for another 25 minutes!

I remember being amazed when I read in a review by Madeleine L'Engle years ago that she wrote at the kitchen table, in the hospital while her husband was sick, and virtually any place she found herself. Her power of concentration must have been tremendous! On the other hand Maya Angelou says she has a separate quiet space to write as did May Sarton. We are all different and must find our own style, and our own voice.

I'd be interested to hear how any one who reads my blog deals with interruptions.